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It is a relaxation application, to get lost in the endless sand and meditate. In such a desolate place are occasionally unusual or interesting objects that make our visit pleasant. It is also possible to visit this App in the virtual reality world of AltSpaceVR: https://account.altvr.com/worlds/1435671572424687658/spaces/1435671857771578011


AlienDesert_CV1.zip 84 MB
AlienDesert_Rift.zip 92 MB

Install instructions

For Oculus DK2 and CV1 --> download AlienDesert_CV1.zip file
For Oculus Rift S --> download AlienDesert_Rift.zip file

Features of the beta 2.0 version:

- 3 larges zones to explore: Temple Abydos (Stargate), Tatooine (with POD, Lars homestead, Sandcrawler and Mos Eisley (Star Wars)) and Arrakis settlement (spice harvester and Sandworm (Dune)).

- Vehicle: The landspeeder is available to use (in the Lars homestead not Mos Eisley landspeeder). How to use it: approaching in the left side and press "b" keyboard key or oculus touch "A" button . Then use the usual keys to move. To get out press 'v' keyboard key or oculus touche "B" button. 

Headphones are advised for extra immersion.

*(All 3D models used in this app are free to use.)

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