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This world is a star map in three dimensions that tries to show approximately the Sun and its nearby stars, trying to respect relative distances, relative sizes and spectral types. It can be used for educational purposes at basic levels of Natural Sciences teaching.  It is also possible to visit this App in the virtual reality world of AltSpaceVR: https://account.altvr.com/worlds/1434207822999978784/spaces/1434210754189328600

Install instructions

The objective of this App is to show what our galactic neighborhood is like for astronomy fans and basic level students. It is possible to climb above the Sun through four invisible ramps, in order to have a better view of the stars.

For Oculus Rift version (CV1 and S): Download the ZIP file StarMap3D.zip, unzip it and enjoy.

For the Quest version: after downloading the file StarMap3D_Quest.apk, install it on your Quest using Sidequest or ADB install. You must have developer mode configured on your Quest.

For the Go version: after downloading the file StarMap3D_Go.apk, install it on your Go using Sidequest or ADB install.


StarMap3D.zip 25 MB
StarMap3D_Quest.apk 33 MB
StarMap3D_Go.apk 33 MB

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